About APT Management

Our Company

APT Management is a property management company that focuses on the acquisition, redevelopment, and management of multi-family apartment properties in Greater Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Main Line, and South Central Pennsylvania..

Our mission is to maximize long-term value for investors by acquiring, revitalizing, managing, and owning market-rate apartment communities, which allows us to enhance the quality of life for our residents and provide our employees with opportunities for growth and accomplishment.
Our vision is to be a reputable owner and manager of market-rate apartment communities located in high-barrier, high-growth markets. We expect to maintain and grow portfolios in markets that profitably support our mission as economic conditions permit.

Become a Part of APT Management

Whether a resident, lender or investor, all stakeholders in the properties acquired by APT Management will benefit from our vertically integrated approach, which provides a more coordinated, timely, and targeted method to value creation through cost savings, marketing, and capital improvement programs. As a result:

  • Residents live in a more vibrant community – one they are proud to call home.
  • Lenders are in an attractive position by having high-quality collateral for their loans.
  • Investors earn solid, often above-market, returns.

We are proud of our success in a diverse portfolio of investment ventures. For more information on investment opportunities or if interested in our third-party management services, please contact us today.

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